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Haworthia limifolia var. glaucophylla  M.B.Bayer  2003  var. nov.



说明:这个变种是南非M.B.Bayer于2003年发表的新种,变种学名意思是白绿色的(glaucous),原产地在南非东北部姆普马兰加省,靠近斯威士兰。这个品种和琉璃宫(水车)H.limifolia v.ubomboensis很接近,不同的是该种叶面光滑,没有任何纹路,泛蓝白色光泽,叶子两侧背部有少量突起,叶子轮生,较直立地生长,并且从植物上看,叶子表皮更厚更坚硬。栽培上比一般琉璃殿要不耐高温,夏季需通风降温。


Sources:  Three Sisters, near Barberton, Mpumalanga Province (South Africa) , ex FV13700

Data:  (KA1546) New variety published by M.B.Bayer in 2003 year

Remarked:  M.B.Bayer diagnosis: in habitat small pale yellowish-brown in colour, rosette seldom exceeding 3cm diametre, 8-12 leaves reaching 6cm in length. Surfaces smooth, occasionally with some rounded or barred tubercles. Slowly proliferous. In cultivation very proliferous and off-setting, rosettes to 12cm in diam. with 25-45 leaves, colour glaucous bluish-green, hence the epithet. Differs from the typical in being without raised transverse lines, and from the var. ubomboensis in being bluer in colour and geographically discrete. (published in Aloe 40:2:41-52, 2003)


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